Thursday, April 03, 2008

Mortgage Relief

Good News.

I recently attended a meeting presented by several prominent bankruptcy Judges in Chicago, IL. They discussed numerous topics on the current laws, rules etc. They all seemed to be in agreement that the proposed changes to the bankruptcy code that are pending in Congress currently, namely -reduction of mortgage interest rates and reduction of over financed mortgages - would be beneficial to the economy. They feel that the bankruptcy code is the correct place, since the tools are in place to enforce it and implement these changes...aka....ME!

What is being considered is allowing a debtor who has an extremely high Mortgage ARM, be able to modify that term to a fixed rate loan. They also may allow us to cram down and strip off mortgage amounts above the property's fair market value.

The judges indicate that there will be strict guidelines - such as how low we can reduce the rate, how long we can reduce the rate, and having a window in which the loan had to have been incurred or refinanced. So, now, the task is yours to write your senators and congressmen and women to say that you support this legislation.